Mike Grauer Jr

Anyone here have any good recommendations on coding training in or around the Puget Sound area? Someone has offered to pay for my retraining and I want to take advantage of the opportunity.

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over 3 years ago
Nelson Franco

Hey Mike Grauer Jr , I think that's Fantastic that someone is offering you access to learn a trade with job skills that are in very high demand. I don't have a Coding program I can personally recommend to you within that area but I'm sure there are some Awesome coding Bootcamps throughout the Seattle area, see 7 coding bootcamps in Seattle.

Here's what I've been able to pick up from other member about coding the bootcamp selection process.

Bootcamps lengths are anywhere from 3 - 12 months depending on the coding programs you prefer and/or level of experience/expertise when you go into the program.

Select your preferred language but keep in mind the more languages you know the better your job prospects will be upon graduation.

Online vs Classroom. This is another key factor to consider. Classroom learning is a traditional method most students are familiar with. There are a lot of obvious advantages (one on one learning, peer training, more collaboration, real time assistance, etc.) but these programs require full time schedule commitments working students find difficult to accommodate. Online learning may offer a more flexible schedule solution.

Do you already have a program selected? What type of languages are you interested in? Keep us updated on your progress with this career opportunity Mike Grauer Jr . Sounds Exciting!

Happy 4th of July :-)