Mike Grauer Jr
Industrial Designer and 3D Printing Expert and tech Evangelist.

Mike Grauer Jr is a 3D printing expert and journalist located in Western Washington, near Seattle. He has been writing on the 3D printing for the last 4 years. Making 3D printing a major focus of... show more

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Mike has a great presence on Jobcase - he is always there to lend a word or two of advice. He is also not afraid to give the truth when it is needed, but in a way that is understanding of others....

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Thank you Mike for your insightful contributions to the Jobcaser community. You're a wonderful blessing!

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Work experience
Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Free Lance writer

4 years 7 months
Working as a free-lance writer working in the 3D printing workspace. Mr. Grauer uses his technical skills to assist people and businesses sell their 3D printing products on line. Mr. Grauer further assists customers and business owner determine if they need to invest in 3D printing technology or if it is more economical from them to contract their product production to a 3D printing house. A portfolio of Mr. Grauer's graphic industrial designs is available upon request.

Professional Photographer

Mike provides superb photography to customers in accordance to their specifications. A photography portfolio is available upon request.

Ware House Employee

Industrial Designer

Creating innovative product designs using high end computer graphics software and years of art
training. Using these skills to design things that are appealing to the eye. That could be used in
everyday environments. Meeting client needs and expectations while developing create art.

Freelance Writer

3d printing and printer consultant. AUGUST 2013 - P RESENT
Help people and business decide what is their best 3d printing options. What fits their needs. Do
they need to own a printer, or would a 3d printing house work just fine? I can help them decide
what is best for their needs and wants.


Write on all things 3d printing and 3d printers. From product reviews to market analysis and
futurism. Act as an Evangelist and help desktop 3d printing mover forward.

Tutor JUNE 2009 - P RESENT
Tutor in all sorts of digital Media related subjects. From 3d graphics, basic computing and 3d
printing. Anything in between.Large As Is
Working in the Warehouse in Large as Is. Selecting products that have been donated to be sold on
the sales floor. Managing the donations stored in the Warehouse. Pricing the donated items.
Providing great costumer service. Helping the staff on the dock when needed.

Deseret Industries

Mr. Grauer worked in a large warehouse. He selected products to be placed on the sale floor. Determined pricing for items brought to the warehouse for sale. Assisted in shelving and stocking items donated to the warehouse.

Community Manager/Board Member

The communications officer for Open3DC and a board member. Providing communications to the
general public about our activities in the community Filming events that are put on by Open3DC.
Blog about Open3DC and 3d printing. Provide great leadership in the 3d printing community, both
in Seattle and abroad.

www.examiner.comI report on gadgets from a local point of view. All aspects this would include.

The Museum of Flight

AV Tech volunteer
Help with editing and setting up cameras for public events.

Art Institute

Test Proctor
Tested students in skills and knowledge. Doing so to the highest ethical standards. Creating a
great test environment.

Art Institute

I tutored in lot of different topics at the Art Institute of Seattle. Mostly in software related topics
such as, Photoshop and Maya.

Web Content Writer

Mainly writing content in the 3D printing space. Allowing people to use my skills to sell their 3D
printing products online.

I can be counted on to complete whatever task, objective, or job is needed.
I often express admiration for others' ideas and qualities.
Argosy University Seattle
Masters, MBA in Marketing

The Art Institute of Seattle
Bachelors, Animation and Media Design
Certifications & licenses
Amateur radio - No Code Tech.
  • 3D Printing
  • marketing
  • 3d modeling
  • Content Writing
  • Excellent Leadership Skills
  • business Analysis
  • Economics
  • Business Trends
  • Product Design
  • Industrial Design
  • CAD
  • Creative Self-Starter Skilled
  • Small Team Leadership
  • Critical Thinking
  • IT
  • Photography
  • Small Team Leadership
  • Acting
  • Creative Writing
  • Economics
  • Foreign policy analysis
  • Policy Analysis
  • Consulting
  • Teaching
  • tutoring
  • driver
Staffing and freelance

Mike is affiliated with the following companies:

  • Freelancer dot com
The Museum of Flight
Media tech

Help with filming of public events, by operating cameras, and setting up equipment. Along with helping with editing and other misc responsibilities as needed.

My Industrial designs.

Have any questions about my work or have a an opportunity. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

My Llinkedin profile.

You can also view my Llinkedin profile.

All my art and photography

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Three-D-Today, Mike Grauer Jr's 3D adventure! | Industrial designs, 3d printing and computer graphics.

My 3D printing adventures. From stuff I have written. Things I have 3D printed. To events I have attended.

My photography

My photography I have take over the years. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

More information

Amateur Radio licence 2005, renewed 2015.