GET HIRED: Information You Need for Your Job Search

I took the time to gather a series of resources for people on the job search. This will be a long read. If you are serious about finding a new job, this post is for you. For readability, it will be broken up into three parts of the job search - prepping for the job search, the job search, and the interview/hiring process. Feel free to follow the Jobcasers linked within - they are awesome people with great advice who can help you!


Patrick Coppedge 's post Make Sure You Have A Job Search Strategy is a great place to start. Before your search, you should sit down and examine what your goals are - besides finding a job. It will help make the process faster, and easier.

Patrick Coppedge 's post Your Resume May Need To Lose Weight is also a great checklist for going through your resume, and ensuring that it gives employers your best impression!

Ashley Wilson ’s post Your resume has gaps! is a good resource for fixing any resume gaps you may have before you start sending out your resume.


Anthony Harrington ’s post Situational Depression and the Job Search touches upon the necessity of taking care of yourself during job search, how to do it, and how it will help you.

My post What they mean by ‘Overqualified’ will help translate what an employer means when they tell you that you are overqualified. Knowing what they really man will aid you in alleviating those concerns for them or for another employer and get you hired!

Ashley Wilson 's post DON’T let your resume fall through the cracks!! will help your resume get through applicant tracking systems (ATS) that employers may be using for online applications. You have a better chance at the job once it gets through and onto the hiring manager’s desk!


My post You should ALWAYS follow up an application!! gives you the best way to follow up job applications - from what you should say to how long you should wait.

Anthony Harrington 's post "Won’t Pay Me My Worth” discusses the issue of compensation, and understanding your fair market value for the job you applied for!

Veronica Jefferson ’s post Cred Checks Employment or No Employment - The 411 goes over why companies will perform credit checks on candidates for jobs they are hiring for, and what you can do to pass them in the future.

Best of luck with your job search! I sincerely hope this has helped you, and provides valuable information to help you land that dream job. Feel free to reach out to anyone in this list for more help, or comment below if you have any questions!

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