You should ALWAYS follow up an application!!

So you’ve applied to a few jobs through Jobcase, and sent out your resume. But when do you follow up?

It’s easy:
If you were given an email to contact the recruiter/hiring manager, send a follow-up business 2-3 days after you originally applied. They probably haven’t gotten back to you by then (if they have, great!) so this can help reinforce your name and show that you really want the job!

Wait, what should my follow up say??

In your follow up email, remind them of which position you applied for, the date you applied, and your contact information. It’s also good practice to reaffirm your interest in the position, and thank them for their time!

I sent a follow up email. Now what?

Give them a few more days to respond to you. Chances are they are busy, and you don’t want to pester them!

It’s been a week since I followed up, and nothing.

At this point, you should call them. Maybe they don’t check their email regularly, or there has been a ton of applications. Calling or stopping in can be a more personal touch, and you’ll be able to chat and develop a bond with them.

If you have more questions about following up, check out this article!

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