Ashley Wilson
Jobcase Content Manager and Community Specialist

Hello! I have worked here at Jobcase for over three years : ) and love helping folks who need it!

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Ashley, you are one of the reasons that Jobcase is such a positive outreach for so many individuals. You put so much time, effort and thought into the many comments, posts and people you reach out...

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Ashley's relentless positivity and dedication to her craft have made Jobcase a better place to work and delivered better outcomes to our members. I have worked with Ashley for a year and a half and...

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I watch for the 'Conversations' where Ms Wilson has commented. Why? Because not only will Ashley say something insightful to add to the conversation, but if the leading comment is a fellow Jobcaser...

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Work experience
Content Manager

•Use creative story-telling and ideation to develop strategic content that both guides and attracts new members.
•Manage the execution of high-quality content for email sends, Facebook, community posts and infographic copy.
•Align content with brand goals to create tactical content plans and editorial calendars.
•Create templates for our team to use in a wide variety of contexts such as through member messages, community posts, and emails.
•Develop content for the new-hire onboarding packet.
•Identify industry trends and center content distribution around them as well as curating content for specific partners within the Jobcase brand.
•Built processes for surfacing content to the customer success team for new clients.
•Moderate content within groups as well as the Jobcase community which includes reviewing content posted by members for potential terms of use violations, focusing on member satisfaction and the expeditious resolution of issues.
•Create and maintain knowledge of the industry and the target audience to understand what attracts, grows and retains readers and members.

Massachusetts Teacher Association
Marketing, Social Media Manager

-Responsible for curation and development of relevant content for social media posts up to three times a day for Twitter and Facebook
-Raised social engagement by 893% during the first month and followers by 60%
-Created fliers, posters, digital artwork and other promotional materials
-Photographing events and individuals for marketing purposes
-Editing and creating website content via Drupple/Wordpress
-Creating blog posts
-Implemented and collaborated with Boston Interactive to design a more efficient and friendly layout for the website as issues arose
-Testing discounts and sharing them live with members

Pavlok-Wearable Tech
Customer Support/Content Manager

-Implemented marketing strategies that significantly improved the social media calendar with an increase of 75%.
-Managed and created fresh content on Twitter (2K+), Facebook (1K+), and Instagram (7K+). Analyzed and reviewed benchmarks for measuring the impact of social media campaigns and reported on their effectiveness to improve and maximize results.
-Published 3-5 blog posts weekly centered on key behavioral modification
-Collaborated with UX UI design team in writing app content.
-Published behavior modification e-books on the topics of modifying bad habits (quitting
smoking, adapting healthy eating habits, changing negative outlooks, etc.).
-Created a product FAQ while continuously modifying based on real time feedback.
-Designed product content for website, mobile apps and product packaging.
-Photographed products and team members for PR representations (as seen on Shark Tank), ad
campaigns, blog posts, and various contests.
-Effectively managed a global team of employees with a mix of in-sourced and out-sourced
resources onshore and offshore supporting over 50,000 customers.
-Supplied support to customers through multiple channels (Zendesk, Groove, Intercom, and social media messages).
-Optimized support content for usability and accessibility while maintaining quality.
-Collaborated with designers, developers, engineers, and product managers company-wide to strengthen customer service policies.
-Applied expertise in identifying crisis situations and implementing effective conflict resolutions.

Providence Public Schools
Third Grade Teacher

-Demonstrated mastery of standard English grammar and conventions.
-Created lesson/unit plans and pacing guides that complied with departmental and district
-Collaborated with educators to outline unit and grade-level goals and measurable outcomes.
-Identified complex problems and reviewed appropriate information to determine effective
-Created informative and captivating content for the school newsletter and blog.
-Implemented a creative and flexible approach to teaching that included each student’s learning style.
-Primary English team leader, responsible for knowledge of standards, continuing education requirements, and organization of the team’s evolving development plan.
-Successfully re-launched "Eager Readers" after school program and boosted participation from 12 to 45 students within two months’ time.
-Created freshly interactive, rewards-oriented reading lessons to encourage independence and achievement success. Base-line reading scores were then raised an average of 15% over state standard.

I am able to effectively and respectfully communicate with superiors, colleagues, and staff.
I am cheerful, kind, polite, and interested in what others have to say.
I have great ideas and am able to think outside of the box.

Rhode Island College
Masters, Education/English Language Arts

Rhode Island College
Bachelors, Education/English Language Arts
  • Photography
  • Content Creation
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Writing
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Management
Cradles to Crayons

Assisted in sorting donated children's books and clothing based on size and quality for families in need.

Room to Grow

Sorted and boxed up clothing for needy families to ready them for donation
Created "birthday bags" for children
Sorted clothing based on age and quality

VIPS (Volunteers in Providence Schools)
Writing tutor

Tutored students on a one-on-one basis afterschool providing assistance with homework as well as ongoing classwork projects.