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Jesse J
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I was offered a job at a company and had been working there for about a month. Being only a month in, I was still in my training period. Then I received a voicemail from the same person who initially offered me a job with another job offer for the same position. Then the following week, I was let go (I wasn't given any specifics other than under performance which was never brought to my attention once by any of the floor managers). So it seems like the hiring manager didn't realize I had already been working at the company and, if I took the new job offer, I would essentially be replacing myself. So the question is, should I take up the new job offer as if I were a completely new candidate? If so, how should I go about doing so? #jobsearch #advice #termination #management #hired #followup #confusion #joboffer

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over 2 years ago
Janet Brady
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So, i am a little confused myself, you were doing the job that they hired you for. Then they offered you the job that you already were doing. Then they let you go, and you are asking should you take the job that they are offering you for the same position? I do not know the details of what transpired, have you asked them about the new offer? Do you know that this is job is still on the table for you now? I would contact HR and see what they have to say, no harm no fowl and it will answer your question. Goodluck!!!

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