Jessica Gochee

Job boards now have a neat tool that allow you to upload your resume and it fills out many application questions for you! Your resume will only save you time if you have it formatted correctly. Here are some tips to get the most out an upload feature and your resume:

  1. Use Key Words - in most cases, recruiters are only scanning your resume. Under the Job Title and Company Name of where you have worked, include all skills and duties you used in that position. Example: Cashier | Aramark | -handled large volumes of cash -made change for customers -opened and closed register -informed customer of company products/services *Sentences are good, but not the best when uploading resumes on job boards.
  2. Avoid flashy, nontraditional, overly colorful resume templates. Newer resume templates look very cool! But can be confusing for recruiters who are trying to look at your resume quickly. In different types of templates, your experience and personal information may be in all sorts of different places on the paper. This really gets job uploading software confused!
  3. Keep it simple. There is no need to get crazy with lines, spaces, text boxes, text format, etc. Lay out your information in a way that is easy to read and easy for you to type. This also makes it easy for the resume uploader to key your information in the applicable fields on job applications.

**In the resume world, simple is better. #Resume #jobsearch #tips #ResumeTips

over 2 years ago
Lenin PinaCommunity Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Jessica Gochee , as an active recruiter for a large and reputable company I'm glad to see the strategy you have outlined on item 1.

The use of 'keywords' and resume optimization for online application success is essential. Application black hole is a major pain point for most job seekers today. The general sentiment is that no one want to hire them despite all their previous work history and related work experience.

Your comment "recruiters are only scanning your resume" is a reaffirmation of the non-personal auto-selection process that instantly get's initiated when we submit online resumes.

Another interesting fact you surface here is the non-use of sentences within the job duties section of the resume. I have to admit I was totally unaware of this strategy but it makes a lot of sense at first glance - Simplicity is Better!

Groundbreaking stuff here... Thanks Jessica Gochee !