This has been happening numerous of times lately to me. I get an excellent job offer only to lose it after they run a background check. I been working as a server for half a decade and I'm burned out on it but it seems like all that is offered to me is server jobs. I'm college educated in both business and psychology, excellent communicator, manager skills, sales experience, receptionist skills and excel at customer service. Is there anything I can do to get the potential employer to look past that? It is something that occured over 12 years ago a small drug possession charge that still haunts me. I been sober from alcohol for over 7 months and drug free over 5 years. I don't understand why I keep getting beat into the ground over this. Any suggestions to help me would be welcomed. #jobsearch #application #backgroundchecks #discrimination #job #advice #OfficeAssistant #Sales

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