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Elyssa Duncan

Hi @Susie Roberts - Before heading into your interview at Costco, here are some recommendations! Is your interview coming up? :)

  1. Read the full job description. Before heading into the interview, I would make sure you read the job description carefully to ensure you meet all the criteria of the job.

  2. Prepare for your interview. Arrive at the interview 5 - 10 minutes early, and do some prep work so that you feel prepared and confident! Brush up on some of the top interview questions, learn how to navigate tough interview questions, and be sure to do your research about the company before walking in. You'll also want to know how and when to follow up after an interview.!

  3. Decide what you are wearing. Here are tips on how to dress for a virtual interview, though the main ideas are the same whether the meeting is in person or virtual. Keep jewelry to a minimum, dress in business-casual attire, and make sure you lay everything out the night before so that your outfit is free of wrinkles!

If you are open to other opportunities, be sure to head to our job search tool. Best of luck, Susie!

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