How to get praise on Jobcase

Last updated: June 21, 2024
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How to get praise on Jobcase
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It’s a good feeling when a coworker, manager, friend, or mentor thinks you excel at what you do. It’s even better when they are willing to put their positive feelings about you in writing to support your job application.

Aside from the motivational value that a recommendation or endorsement offers, it can also accelerate your job search and help you become more competitive!

Jobcase has an exciting feature built into our community that lets you give someone a shout-out or acknowledgment. And they can do the same for you.

These endorsements are called Praises, and they appear on your public profile. They’re a great way to show potential employers your work ethic and character.

So, how do you get Praise on Jobcase? Read on, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

What is a Praise on Jobcase?

An endorsement or Praise is a reference from a person who can vouch for certain qualities you have as an employee.

When someone visits your Jobcase profile, they can hit the Praise button. They can select an option to say how they know you and write a personalized endorsement.

Any Praise you get will be added to your live profile.

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Getting Praises on Jobcase is beneficial because the more you have, the higher you'll appear in our People Search for prospective employers.

Did you go the extra mile on a project? Are you always identified as the “reliable” or “consistent” worker? Or, did you support someone with their career? These are just a few reasons why you might get Praise.

How should I ask for an endorsement?

Sometimes, you’ll get Praise without asking for it. And, if you give others Praise on Jobcase, chances are they'll return the favor.

But, if you want to boost your profile, you can ask a friend, coworker, or manager for an endorsement. When asking someone for an endorsement, make sure you’re professional.

A written email request is recommended, with a clear subject line. When you send an email, the recipient can answer in their own time.

Here’s an example:

Dear Ms. Smith,

I hope you are well,

I am looking for a new role to further my professional development. Based on our years of experience together, I think you could help provide a perspective on my skills and work ethic.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me a Praise on that emphasizes the positive work habits you’ve recognized in me since we’ve known each other.

If there is any information I can provide that will help you write the recommendation in more detail, I would be happy to do so.

You can find my Jobcase profile at

Kind regards

Lucy Lake

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What are the different types of endorsements?

There is a range of things you can ask for in an endorsement. Here are a few examples:

An outstanding achievement

Was there a significant assignment that you were a part of that you’d like to showcase to future employers?

Ask a colleague or manager to include some highlights of the work you contributed in their Praise.

A skill you developed

We often learn and develop new skills at work. Do you have a specific area of expertise or talent that you acquired during your time at a job?

You can ask a former coworker or manager to emphasize its importance when giving you Praise.

Your soft skills

Soft skills, also known as transferable skills, are naturally learned traits that are typically non-job specific and can be used across any profession.

They include things like leadership, communication, empathy, and time management. These skills can be challenging to highlight on a resume, so Praises can be beneficial.

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Who should I ask to give me Praise?

You’ll want to select people who can give you a strong endorsement and can verify your skills, expertise, and past performance.

Praises don't have to be from employers. It’s perfectly acceptable to ask coworkers, friends, professors, customers, vendors, or even members of your volunteer organization to give you an endorsement.

You can invite your personal contacts, work friends, and family members to Jobcase so that they can give and receive endorsements to spruce up their portfolios.

To get a Praise, ask them to head to your Jobcase profile and click the Praise button just under your bio section. Alternatively, you can share this Praise form where they can search for your Jobcase profile and endorse you.

Please note that once they submit their Praise, it may take up to twenty-four hours to appear on your profile.

Should I give someone else a Praise?

Jobcase has an interactive, supportive online community. If you’ve worked with someone or can vouch for their skills or experience, we recommend giving them a Praise.

When you support other people to achieve their career goals, it can help you build your professional network. And you could help someone open up new opportunities.

Networking is about creating mutually beneficial relationships. The person you endorse may offer you Praise in return or share a connection that can help you get a job.

Besides giving someone Praise, there are other ways you can communicate on Jobcase. When you visit someone’s profile, you can ask them to become a connection with the Connect button. Or, you can send them a message.

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How do I participate in discussions on Jobcase?

While you’re at Jobcase, check out our community discussions.

Once you’ve created an account, you can follow topics or organizations and participate in conversations. Popular topics include #workfromhome, #interview, and #jobsearch.

If you find someone with similar career goals, why not send them a connection request?

Getting Praise on Jobcase

If you’re looking for work, an endorsement from a friend, colleague, manager, or mentor could help you get the job.

When you create a Jobcase profile, you’ll get access to a free resume builder and community discussions. And, you’ll be able to give and receive Praises.

A Praise on Jobcase is an endorsement from another professional that can show potential employers what to expect if they hire you. For example, the person giving you Praise could be celebrating your achievements, abilities, or soft skills.

If you want to ask someone to give you a Praise on Jobcase, we recommend asking them via email. And don’t forget to return the favor and give others Praise when it’s deserved.

For other exciting Jobcase features, take a look at our additional “hidden” features you need to know about.

Or you can start your job search by browsing our job board. Want more articles like this one? Visit our resource center.



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