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Tricia Hendrix
Community Specialist
2 months ago

What is the #1 thing that has REALLY p'd you off about an employer? For me, I once worked for a place that counted your bathroom breaks. YUP...that happened!

#watercooler #whatgrindsYOURgears #Truestory

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Lorinda Smith

When the ones that have been at the company for 20 + years and they Expect you to know that all in 2 weeks ..WT$$LL

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Linda Hernandez

Your at ur desk all day, but u have 3 spreadsheets to list what u do as u do it and the length of time it took u to do it.. THREE.. doing this keeps u from actually doing ur job. At home sick n they ask u every day “r u working from home “.. SICK, then have the nerve to ask “why did u only work 5 hours today”. When u return to the office, they ignore u..completely. We’re all adults, not in grade school. And these are “professionals”? Not really.

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