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Cory Anderson
about 1 month ago

My boss is pressuring me and I'm conflicted as hell.

So here's the problem. I work as a bartender and have for years. I've been at my current job for 4 years and my boss REALLY wants me to be a manager. I appreciate that he has faith in me and my ability to be a good leader, but I don't know that I want to be a manager.

I know it'll be good for my career development but I really enjoy being a bartender. But he's been asking me every single shift....

Advice? Thoughts?

#careerdevelopment #hospitality #whatdoido #advice #watercooler

Erika Hatch
over 6 months ago

I work at a pizza place, the one manager is name Shawn.. He talks a bunch of crap on me while i'm not there and makes up a bunch of rumors. But, when i go to face him, he acts like my buddy? Then, i have another soon to be manager who sits on his high horse trying to make me his little slave and doesn't like it when i don't work fast enough for his paste or don't get enough done. I'm really thinking on quitting my job. I do everything in my power to get everything done. This isn't the first time they've decided to say arrogant things about me to everyone else that works there. I'm running out of options.