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Maddie A
Bullet point
over 6 months ago

#newyear #advice #reflection #change #2018 #welcomenewmembers #welcometoJobcase #newmember

We’re hoping 2018 will bring new opportunities and wonderful new members to our community!

We’d like to open up a space for reflection and discussion and give you all the chance to help recently-joined members find their footing and learn how to get the most out of Jobcase. YOU are the experts, after all!

We would love to hear about: -Writing your first post -Tips or tricks to using Jobcase -How you made a friend on Jobcase -How you found a job, and how Jobcase helped -A piece of advice -An interaction you had on Jobcase that stuck with you

...or anything else you’d like to share that comes to mind! This is YOUR open book, so...ramble on!

We can’t wait to read your words of wisdom.

Happy New Year!

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