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Jazmine Loper
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over 6 months ago

I honestly believe I didn't get the job because of my vaccination status. The interview was going great, I was very much qualified for the position that was in immediate need for help. She then asked if I was vaccinated. I hesitated answering because honestly thats private and personal information. Despite it being NOT mandatory , the interviewer gloated about how everyone in the office is vaccinated . I decided to finally give her my answer and the whole energy of the interview changed. She then tried tell me I should consider getting vaccinated if I get the job. I told her I'm against it for personal reasons that I choose not to discuss. The interview was over 2 min after that. If this is the world we are entering then I'm well prepared to for it. I don't bash anyone or judge any person of their personal choices with their bodies, all I ask is the same respect be given to me. From now on when asked during an interview about my vaccination status, I'm going to tell them, " I respectfully decline to answer " #Covid #Vaccinated #Interview.