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Chris Mellett
over 6 months ago

Hi, Im on UC in PA n i hit my BYE date 4/3/21 so since ive been working some i had to re-file my claim which i did and received my financial determination letter sayin accepted. So i missed 2 weeks of payments that i certified for on time while app being reviewed this past weekend i went to file my biweekly and it asked me to recertify for those 2 weeks i missed so they were both accepted along with last week and that made 3 weeks claimed. Now payday came and past with no money deposited and no information regarding any payments on my accounts Payments History i dont understand what’s going on u cant talk to a human ever at UC I dont see why I haven’t received $ since they accepted my claim dont make sense does anyone know what could be goin on or lmk what you’ve done with this problem if u had it #unemployment #pennsylvania #benefits #claim #help #UNEMPLOYMENT #PAUC #PENNSYLVANIAUNEMPLOYMENT #UCnotPaying #advice