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Laura Turner
6 months ago

Sunday Work Week Prep

Happy Sunday!

So I'm going through my usual Sunday work week prep, nothing too intense or too time consuming, but about an hour and a half that I like to spend on Sundays setting myself up for success.

Here are some things I like to do on Sundays to ease into my work week and set myself up for success:

  • set goals and objectives for myself for the week

  • review meetings on my calendar and make sure I have an prep completed that is needed

  • schedule time blocks on my calendar for tasks that I need to complete - this is how I hold myself accountable to tasks that I have to do but don't enjoy doing

  • respond to any outstanding important or time sensitive emails

  • schedule a couple of fun/social things on my calendar - I use my work calendar because it makes me happy to see fun things scattered in my work week, gives me something to look forward to

How and when do you prep for your work week or your job search, if you're actively seeking a new job?


#success #preparation #organization #jobsearch #timemamagement