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Daniel Partiss
over 2 years ago

Timely Advise for those finding themselves looking for work, again....

Just a little advise from someone who has been there...

Attitude is not 75 percent of the process, it is 100 %

When I started out I was a lowly electronic technician/quality control tech working for $20.00/hr at a medical equipment factory... and after a long time the crunch hit and was released off when they closed and sold the factory. There and then I told myself "Every step I take is a step up, or a step forward" and I added to that "I will NOT be unemployed for more than 4 months" (because my Unemployment Comp ended in 6 and would not be renewed) and 3 months later I was re-employed at a major aircraft engine manufacturer...

To make this short I have been downsized or my position eliminated 3 times since that job but each time I either got education compensaton after (one covered 2 and 1/2 years of college, free) or exsessive education while employed.

Needless to say my mantras has only changed slightly... It is now "Every step I take is a step up, or a step forward" and "I have NEVER be unemployed for more than 4 months" and that is the truth on both statements.

To my point, my latest employment was as a Business Analyst / Imformatics Sr. Specialist paying 3 figures and enjoying being Much Much higher on the Food chain....

Take Heart and Keep Up the Attitude......... #inspiration #wisdom #sageadvice