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Fred Goff
CEO and Founder of JobcaseBullet point
CEO and Founder of Jobcase
over 6 months ago

Ok, here’s an oldie but a goodie in the motivation quote front. But it really Is true. Feeling bad cuz of your situation, procrastinating something you know you should do? Well, just take a stop today to remedy that! Maybe ask Boss for raise, start an online class to get ahead, build your network by reaching out to connect with someone, - heck even other areas, start working out, go for a mile run? Today can be the day.

One of the beautiful things about life is change. It’s never too late.

So - what can you start doing today that you’ve been putting off? What can you do today that can start building you up in ways you aspire? Let’s start! Good luck. Make this a GREAT Day!

(Me? Professionally: I am going to take steps to get what they call an executive coach so I can be better for my team. Personally: i am going to try to relearn playing piano. First lesson today.). You?

#whadayathink #inspiration #procrastination #change #aspirations

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