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Ninja Princess
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over 6 months ago

So I got injured on April 4,2022 from a slip and fall accident at my previous seasonal job. Now it took the company 2 weeks to file for workers compensation then seveal weeks later to have exams done and see orthopedics. One orthopedic told me that my left shoulder is a frozen shoulder (mind you he never looked at my images from my mri nor the results as there was and still are several issues and fractures and what not going on.) this orthopedic doctor tells me to exercise my shoulder and keep moving it and everytime I do the pain gets worse. As for my back it’s pulled muscle and my right wrist has a torn tendon. So due to the severity of my injuries I was only paid for 2weeks (as they stated was because it was a seasonal job at the mall.) now it’s almos July and I’m still in pain and seen a physical therapist and all but what’s important is that I have missed my actual job for almost over a month that I just started few days after. It’s complicated and probably confusing at this point. But my point is was that I was told by the orthopedic that I can not use my left arm (in a sling) one moment and the next to move it and to move my right wrist (in a brace), which is kinda impossible when your a cashier and can barely hold a pencil or lift up my own child not to mention I have my back a brace on as well which makes me completely not useful to my company. Now, I havent gotten paid For the times I missed work and went to my therapies and doctor appointments even have a letter stating I’m not allowed to return to work till I’m cleared by my orthopedic (till today I’m still not cleared.)

What can I do in this case as it’s kind of hard as I’m a single mom who needs to provide for my 2year old and pay bills.

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Phoebe Montrie
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✨A Bartender Who Loves Helping Others!✨

I'm so sorry to hear you got injured at work! Its hard to tell what to do next exactly, but can I ask if you have all the documentation related to your injury and aftercare sorted out and organized in case you need to take legal or official action? You may need to also find a way to contact someone in the companies HR department or payroll to sort out which days you should be paid for and any reimbursements. Here is the official federal .Gov Workers Comp Page as well in case you need any of those links, it's full of info about next steps! Good Luck! 💕

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