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Max white
about 2 months ago

Phishing Scams Amid Corona

The hackers have started leveraging corona-virus for their own gains. They are scamming millions of innocent people who aren't aware of these fake email and website scams and are losing their hard earned money to these ruthless hackers.

The most common types of phishing scams related to corona-virus are following.

Fake pandemic map websites that will try to inject you with malware and viruses which might corrupt your windows or hard-drives. These are then used to blackmail the users.

Phishing websites posing as authoritarian websites for covid 19 fooling people into providing important information. This results in selling information or compromising user privacy by hacking their accounts.

Email Scams claiming they have found the cure to the virus asking you to click links which install spyware in your systems.

The best defense against these scams is awareness. Without awareness, you won't even consider it a threat and thus, you'll give in. Other than that, using VPNs to browse the internet protects your online activities against the hackers as it hides your IP and makes you anonymous and untraceable. Here are some of the best and most secure VPNs you can use to protect your identity.

By using a VPN, you will be alerted every time you are about to enter a malicious site or receive an email with a spyware. Thus, it will do the detection for you and you will be protected from such attacks.

Remember how in childhood, you parents used to tell you to not accept candies from strangers? That applies online as well. No one loves you that much that they will out of the blue offer you a plane ticket or a $100K without any reason.

So you should stop trusting everything you see on the internet and be aware that they are after your money and your data as staying conscious is the only way to beat them and stay safe online.

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Elyssa Duncan

Very insightful, Max! Thank you so much for sharing this with the community. There has been a huge surge in cyberattacks since the beginning of this whole Coronavirus craze... it's terrible! But, it is super important that we all stay smart and educated about these threats. Thanks again for bringing attention to this!

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