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Lawrence White
Community Specialist
4 months ago

The push for the 2021 Summer Jobs season is on now!

Marquette County, MI - The Michigan DNR Parks and Recreation Division just announced plans to hire up to 1,200 seasonal park workers and more than 50 seasonal park rangers to help deliver memory-making outdoor experiences at state parks, state forest campgrounds, harbors and other DNR-managed recreation facilities throughout spring, summer and fall.

Workers earn between $10 and $11.60 an hour and may qualify for academic/internship credit. Park rangers receive state employment benefits and are paid between $17.75 and $24.95 an hour. - DNR Parks and Recreation Division Careers

To learn more about these opportunities and other openings throughout the department go to https://www.michigan.gov

Are you a teen or minor workers looking for summer employment with no previous work experience? Check out Teens: land a job by creating a resume! and No experience? You can still land a job right now! for quick tips and suggestions designed to help you get hired!

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Lisbeth Wilhelm
over 6 months ago

I enjoyed helping patience schedule appointments I worked closely with physichents and nurses . I learned a lot from working there I am.a people person , and love being on.the phone