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Ryan O'Neil
over 6 months ago

Teacher loses 61 pounds on McDonald's diet. Is this the next Jared Fogel?

Science teacher participates in a student driven experiment to lose weight on a Micky D's diet. Hard to believe but take a look at how he did it - http://lacrossetribune.com/news/local/losing-pounds-on-mcdonald-s-food-just-took-right-mac/article_09d59f5b-0454-5307-80a8-203b9e743b69.html

Eva perez
over 6 months ago

Here we go again...

All of us here at Jobcase are trying to support each other by sending positive comments of our every day struggles... In the mean time clowns are terrorizing our kids, neighborhood.. No!! Please call your local police station and report these idiots with nothing to do... What do they need? Some jail time to recover from their stupidity... BTW, how's that job searching? I on the other hand have a job interview, wish me luck!!¡!

Phyllis Hammonds
over 6 months ago

Internet Police!

Should we have an Internet Police Department? I enjoy reading a good story just as much as the next person but I never gave much thought how easy it is to get lost in translation or confused separating fact from fiction within news stories. The latest news around fake news on the internet is an eye opener for me. This break in the news couldn’t have come at a better time since I get all of my news info online. I need to reevaluate how much of trust I’m willing to extend to internet news sources. How do you validate your online information? Do you have a trusted news outlet or source?

Tara Cooper
over 6 months ago

What else will the Coronavirus disrupt??

First millions of jobs... now the Olympics!! I read that this is the ONLY time the games have ever been postponed! Though they were cancelled bc of WWI and WWII.

I wonder what else the Coronavirus will have an effect on...


#coronavirus #news

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