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Brittainy Williams
3 months ago

I currently work for Geek Squad (i know…a joke of a job) but I was trying to use it as a stepping stone to a higher paying opportunity. I currently make $15/hr as a Consultation Agent (which is just a fancy way of saying Secretary) I basically teach people how to use their devices, basic troubleshooting and problem solving. I just feel like there has to be something better!!! What would I need to jump the fence into maybe a Help Desk or An IT job?? Degree? Certification? Just Experience?? Any answers are appreciated!! 🥰 #jobsearch #careerchange #motivation #JobChange

over 6 months ago

I'm in a spot I've never been in in my career and I need some advice. I recently moved for personal reasons and 2 weeks ago I started a new job as an accountant for a local company. Although I've only been there 2 weeks, I hate it and I know it won't get better. I've talked casually and professionally with my supervisor, and he's made it clear that there is no room for advancement within the company. And while I have nearly 20 years of experience, the work I am doing is entry level. Ideas I've brought up that would help everyone be more efficient have been shot down and I've been basically told to know my place. Things that were discussed during my interview have turned out to be not at all accurate. My question: Even though I just started this job, should I look for a new job already? I don't want to look like I'm unstable and will leave a job on a whim, but I also know this job will be completely miserable for me for as long as I'm there.