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Myra C
6 months ago

Now that I am back on the job market, I have increased my job source from weekly to daily. In addition to Jobcase, I use Zip Recruiter & Indeed.

I need to be productive, and I want a position that pairs well with my skill set. What does that look like, you say? I worked not for profit for 8- years, the longest I have ever stayed at any organization. Next is real estate, now concierge/customer service. Before them, I was in beauty, modeling, acting, and management. In a way, the three are Ven diagram worthy. I am an artist at heart and enjoy helping others. I also appreciate my autonomy and ability to work independently.

My tech skills are Excellent MS Office skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), Mac OS, Vector, Case Trakker, SDS, QNEXT, Payspan, Dayforce, Bria, 8x8, Salesforce, and work hybrid and fully remote ready-- Verizon Fios.

Soft Skills are autonomy, communication, creativity, empathy, constructive criticism, openness to constructive criticism, openness to constructive criticism, organization, patience, problem-solving, teamwork, and resourcefulness.

Hard skills are analytical skills, Associates in Business, computer skills, credits to be completed BS in industrial-organizational psychology, Microsoft Office, Outlook, Software, and typing 65 WPM.

Overall, I can articulate a product or service diplomatically and professionally to meet the needs of members or customers with diplomacy and empathy.

My resume is once again circulating through ATR systems for a hit. All of us out here are doing the damn thing despite the stumbles, success to you, and keep it pushing!

We out here! #jobsearch #ATS #compatible #interview #jobboards #workfromhome

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Harold Cagle
over 6 months ago

I am noticing so many people wanting to work on these sites, who keep getting passed over for jobs or getting old job Info with no responses to applications. Somebody needs to develop a site for people with ambition that may have extenuating circumstances or a lull in work record.

Mary Manry
over 6 months ago

Is it worth it to apply for jobs online that you see on job boards? I've applied for hundreds of jobs and haven't received one call for an interview from this. I've only received rejections or no response. I get at least 100 e-mails a day from all the job boards I signed up with and I feel like I'm wasting my time on the computer applying for jobs all day. I was laid off. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Finance and 20 years experience as an analyst. Do I need to be doing something differently? I've already contacted all my friends, ex-coworkers, and family to let them know I'm looking. I feel like the only way to get a job is to know someone at the company you are applying for.