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Shelby Winslow
about 2 months ago

I was so pissed I walked out in the middle of the interview...

I wanted to slap the interviewer, but instead I just politely said "sorry, this isn't the place for me" and walked out.

I interviewed for a retail management position (AT A SPORTS STORE) and when it was time to talk about my work experience he interrupted me and said "personal training isn't real experience, tell me about your real jobs."

EXCUSE ME but how the HELL is personal training not a "real job"?!?!?!!

We are certified industry professionals who work closely with clients to transform their body and lifestyle!!! It's hard work!

Did I overreact???

#IwasPISSED #jobshaming #personaltrainer #interview #advice #watercooler

Delene Gillen
about 2 months ago

Shelby: No, you did not over react at all. Being a Personal Trainer gives you direct working experience with people in the field of Fitness. Your insight would act as an asset to help you sell fitness products. You may have to acquire product knowledge for items that you are not familiar with but you would have been an asset in that store.