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The Courage to Believe & Achieve
over 6 months ago

I'm telling you the truth... (MUST READ)

About this time the average person will consider giving up. "Hey, I've submitted about 49 resumes and had no return calls, no emails, text messages, not even a ray of hope from the window's sunlight. I'm ready to give up.

Listen carefully, REGGIE JACKSON holds the record for the most career strikeouts by a batter with 2,597.

HOWEVER, he's not remembered for his historical strikeouts, rather, he's mentioned and noted for his homeruns.

What should do? Get up and step up to the plate (Your Computer) and MENTALLY prepare yourself to HIT A HOMERUN and wait for the crowd to scream!! Or the recruiter to call you. That's how you win the GAME!

Don't be average, get up and hit a homerun...!

I Believe You Can...!

#DontGiveUp #HittingHomeruns #GoFightWin #PersonalDevelopment #ImMotivated #ImReady #BestLifeNow

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Heath AlvaCommunity Specialist
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Community Specialist

@The Courage to Believe & Achieve exactly! You don't get to hit over 500 career home runs by not taking a swing. It's important for job seekers to know that each time you send out a resume, fill out an application, have an interview is another chance to land the job. Take a swing and keep swinging for success.

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The Courage to Believe & Achieve
over 6 months ago

I'm telling you the truth.. (MUST READ)

In 2021 you'll immediately recognize how important it is to value your time. Why?

As illustrated below, once you lose that time or forfeit it because you're doing things that doesn't serve your life's purpose, you can't ever get it back. That's a fact.

7- Undeniable TIPS so you can win:

  1. Write down some doable and reachable goals.
  2. Look in the mirror and rekindle the love for yourself.
  3. Before you forgive others, start by forgiving yourself.
  4. Realize that you have value that others can't see.
  5. It's okay to revitalize your dream, it's possible.
  6. Give yourself a second chance in life, you deserve it.
  7. Cry a little, then, smile a lot, because it will be alright.

Implement these TIPS and allow everything else to fall-in-place. This is YOUR life.

I Believe You Can...! #YesYes #ItsMyTime #ReadyToExcel #Inspired #ImMotivated