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over 6 months ago

It's apparently true that most people DO NOT #read their #Employee #Handbook, Employee Manuals, Employment Policies and Requirements and definitely not their State Wage and Hours Laws. I know from working in HR for almost 20 years and especially being on here. This is truly sad because people end up losing so much by not looking into what's important and your RIGHTS is what's important more than anything. Educate yourself on what your rights are NOW! EDUCATE YOURSELF on your #RIGHTS in your #State.

[Google... (your states) wage and hour laws]

Stay #educated! Don't let these employers back you into a corner and scare you into thinking you have NO RIGHTS because you do. The problem is YOU DIDN'T BOTHER TO READ THEM! If you did read them, you didn't go to refresh your memory about them.

If you have been terminated, request in writing your PERSONNEL FILE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I can not stress that enough.

Listening to most of your stories, if they happened as told, you all have real live legal suits that you would win. Did you read that? You WOULD #WIN!

Stop being victims and start being #VICTORIOUS!

In need of some Empowerment? Call Me 917-809-9096

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