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amber anderson
2 months ago

Seeking knowledge on specific online classes and deals or course knowledge to better skills??

Seeking knowledge on if anyone knows of Windows (word,excel, PowerPoint, etc) Google (sheets, notes, etc), Quickbooks, typing & professional writing(terminology), things of that nature using a platform that I don't care if it's extremely known but do prefer it to be credited(not a deal breaker); so that I can brush up and hone my skills I already have plus some I wish to have but don't. Looking for free but cheap is o.k. (Or any site or similar whom has deals for the above said.

Thanks for your replies in advance!! Look forward to hearing from y'all♥️♥️ #advice #courses #microsoftcourses #googledocslearning # #wordsofadvice #administrative #jobsearch

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Janice Reed

Not sure if this is too techy for you but I heard Microsoft Leap Program of the Google career programs are pretty good.

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