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Fred Goff
CEO and Founder of Jobcase
CEO and Founder of Jobcase
over 6 months ago

Time is your most precious asset. Richest folks in the world cannot buy this. So the question is: how are you going to spend it, and how are you going to invest it? I spend it freely on time w kids, I foolishly spend it on too much tv. And, I invest it in Jobcase and education. I suggest you invest 30 mins watching 8 quick clips from a well-meaning billionaire. Ray Dalio built the mist successful Hedge Fund company in the world. He made himself a billionaire. Now, whatever you think of that professional pursuit, let’s recognoze it is EXTREMELY hard to succeed in that arena, to be the best, and to do so consistently over a long period of time. How did he do it? Are there lessons you can use fat your business or worklife? Well, Ray wrote it all out in a 600 page book called Principles. But, here is a link to his 30min video series that captures the main points. Whadayathink- how bout you and I trade 30 mins of tv time and invest it on learning how this man succeeded at such a grand scale.... . https://www.principles.com/principles-for-success/

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