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Teana Jones
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over 6 months ago

I work at IHOP and I've been there only a few months in the industry since I was 12 n I'm 36 and I've gone from one or two days a week if that on the schedule to a full 40 hours schedule plus overtime. & the day ingot the 5 day schedule is the same day this story takes place. Names changed for privacy 2 days ago I had had enough of the woman from corporate who is for some reason at our store now and is trying to take over but doesn't know what she's doing. Days prior to this event she has been on my case (only me) nonstop about little things and yes I did make a couple mistakes but it was because I was told to do something a certain way and she corrected me and said it was to be done a different way. I had been told to tell a customer something and i was scolded 2x for doing that. This was 2 days ago & the days leading up to this point. I just had enough at this point I clocked in and immediately I had two tables A 4 top and A 6 top, I had to get drinks seat them get their orders all that good fun stuff & as I'm in the middle of getting their drinks, the corporate woman who will call Karen, calls me into the office to scold me about the day before because 2 few of my plates were sent back cold or wrong because the cook gave them to me that way, the other tables, they were just wanting a free meal & were very rude n mean from the moment I sat them. I had other customers waiters n a manager witness all of it not to mention the cameras & for 1 n the other table, they weren't even my section & they even backed me up but I told them the turkey had to thaw so they had to order something else LIKE I WAS TRAINED N TAUGHT TO DO & I got scoled bad for saying the turkey was thawing), their waitress didnt even acknowledge them so I did it. I told Karen to look at the camera and see, then she proceeded to scold me for not having my drinks at the table for the customers i just sat when she clearly saw me walk in clock in seat then get their drinks and go directly to start pouring their drinks, when she decides it's a good time to call me into her office. So explain how I'm supposed to be giving them their drinks when she called me in her office and how she scold me for things that are Beyond My Control? Then she yelled at me for not having their drinks to them yet 🤣 Okay we're going to jump to about 45 minutes from when I clocked in at 9 a.m. I immediately greet and seet the guest, then get their drink orders for both tables. I go to get the drinks and that's when she called me in the office. I go when I get the orders for both tables and put them into the computer and I was extremely detailed. Karen was cooking she happened to be cooking both of my tables meals as well as a couple of others. She forgot to put cheese on two of the egg sets. She's screaming at me I literally mean screaming because I'm taking too long looking at the computer screen to make sure I have everything that I need for each table since both of them were done simultaneously, so as an organizing the plates another waitress comes around and takes mine so I get a new one the GM forgot to put cheese on both of the guests plates then I handed both of them back to her told her one is American what is Chaddar then she has different cook do it this time and he took the plate from my hand that was correct and only needed the cheese and he handed me back a plate that had a piece of ham on it that it shouldn't have. So in reality this is all about a piece of ham and her fucking up the order to begin with and the other cook giving me the wrong plate back so somehow now I've taken somebody else's food and giving my customers the wrong plates even though they said it's exactly what they ordered. So long story short after a few heated exchanged words I grab my purse and my keys and I tell both of my tables I have a family emergency & the manager will be helping them from now. I did not collect any payment even though both were ready n Karen said I could finish the 2 tables then leave but i was so enraged that my dumb ass said no...I didnt get a tip or anything n I dont even care. I left it all and I clocked out and that was at 10:15 a.m. I had been there just over 1 hour & already has ENOUGH of her BS! After asking me if "I'm the problem" from the previous day (EVEN AFTER 3 other SERVERS & 2 MANAGERS stuck up for me) she then proceeded to tell me the following morning the moment I walk in the door when I'm bumrushed with tables to "please take this as constructive criticism I'm not coming at you but maybe this is the profession I should be & maybe I'm just not cut out for it!" yelled that my tables didn't have their drinks yet (cause you called me into your office dumbass) then scold me for hers and the cooks mistakes and then told me "if had I been paying attention it wouldn't have happened" just moments after yelling at me for double checking the orders! How do u think I knew there was NO CHEESE IN THE EGGS???? I only took what I was given by your cook to my table! YET, SOMEHOW I GOT BLAMED & YELLED AT AGAIN FOR THE 3RD DAY IN A ROW 2X THE DAY B4 AND WAS CRYING EACH TIME BECAUSE OF HOW SHE TALKS TO ME AND WHAT SHE SAYS TO ME & i think she was upset because I stood up for myself. She told me she can be a cool boss n joke around (but she is only like that with 1 other server who is a kissass n no1 likes and the managers) After the wrong plate fiasco (that she admitted was her fault) is when I grabbed my stuff, clocked out n left. I was off my meds n being there another minute I would have exploded. Before I "quit" she told me SHE LIKES ME & is NOT taking me off payroll & I am to take 1 week off to get everything sorted out that I have going on w my medication and my son and his medication and his situation (long story for another time) then call when everything is good again & she will put me back on the schedule... I should have been fired for not only what I said but things I called her and the disrespect I gave her (in return for what she has dished out to me). It took me 2 days to get everything sorted out. So I guess I'm calling in the morning to get back on the schedule. Then again I did get pulled over by a trooper n given a $265 ticket for 11ph over when he was going faster than me then had an incident w 3ppl at the gas station cause I was looking for water n my roommates 6yr old was in the car ac on w a drink n doors locked so ppl were throwing a fit and because I was on the phone getting my son's meds fixed n taken care of so he doesn't DIE! So I may take the week off to decompress. In all seriousness, I make at least $100 if not more daily sitting at home so I don't REALLY need to go in right way...I'll call & go in on Friday or maybe Sat to get back on the schedule by Sunday (that's when they post it) lol #foodservices #waitress #bossfromhell #ilovemyjob #mentalheath #aboutmyjob #stressful