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Denise Creagh
over 6 months ago

Right now I am pretty pissed. Kroger has signs up in the lobby about the fact that they're hiring, but, when I apply, I AM discriminated against. How? Not by Ethnicity/ Color, but by LOOKS. I am NOT tattooed; a pot smoker; an alcoholic; I am not retarded mentally, and I am not ghetto. I am an attractive, older, black woman and I have experience in the warehouse and secretarial skills, as well as stock and cashiering skills. I have Vendor Receiver experience and I'm being told that they "don't need anyone right now," which is a LIE. Just because I don't have kids, and because I don't have a Probation Officer to report to, Kroger won't hire me? I am sick of this, and I WILL dig deeper into this even though it's the first time I've ever had problems with getting a job based on how I look. #jobsearch #wordofadvice #ageism #Bidendoesn'tmeanbetter.

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