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Melissa Salazar Fernandez
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over 6 months ago

I felt proud when this lady came through my line and was buying all her groceries and also wanted our four for $10 promotion. She said she would come back for the waters. An hour passed and she still hadnt come and i saved her receipt. I walk to the bathroom where a coworker is talking to her and surprised like me because she didnt come back for her water. She says her ride didnt come and she cant walk because she had problems with her back and feet. She says she was trying to eat the food she bought at our cocina before it got cold but she didnt know what to do, she didnt have anywhere to take her groceries or water. We asked her where she lived and sure enough it was close. My coworker and i offered to get her an uber and helped her with all her stuff since she couldnt even walk let alone lift.i knew i walked in to the right place at the right time. We have a customer for life. She comes for all her shopping needs. And thats when i was proud to work for cardenas. #humanitarian #passiton #bekind #OneLove #BeGenerous #groceryStore # #coworkers #customerservice #motivation #spreadLove

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