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Michael Carvalho
over 6 months ago

Good Evening Community!

As this day comes to an end and a Special One comes to light, it is with many thoughts and blessings I write tonight. So many events are taking place all over the world on this Saturday Evening. I will start out by wishing each everyone of you Happy Easter. May your Easter be filled with many blessings and hope of a better tomorrow. From my family to yours may your Easter be filled with Faith, Joy and Happiness. This past Friday as one knows, was Good Friday? In a religion prospective, this is the beginning of a three day holiday. Our Lord Jesus Christ died for all our sins, for all to have everlasting life? With that said I will continue on to pray for all the people who lost their life to the Covid-19 virus. My heart goes out to the ones who have passed and the their family members. My God protect you, guide you during your time of loss. Now to our community, as the days ahead continue our life’s and country will never be the same? We as Americans has lived through two major events in our life time. The first being September 11th. This was a day that changed my life forever so I thought? During 9/11 I was in New York, City the time of the bombings. Celebrating with my wife the night before at the Michael Jackson come back tour. A night of partying, drinking and a beautiful experience so I thought? It was 7:30 AM on 9/11. As my wife at the time and I always did we went to a bodega for breakfast. We we right next to ground zero at the time. We arrived at the bodega at 8:15 AM. My wife and I were sitting down eating when the ground shook. Not knowing what was happening and continuing to pay my bill. Dan Rather was on TV, an Emergency News Alert! America is under Attack was the last words I remember? My wife and I dashed out heading to back to our hotel. The Marriott Marquis in Time Square, so we thought? Before we new it Police, Fire Emergency personal we’re surrounding us all over? Close to Ground Zero as we were watching the second plane crash into the second tower. For the next five days struck in New York was things words can never explain? Our country changed forever. Fast forward to today’s events. Covid-19! As a supervisor in the medical field once again never expecting something like this to happen. Remember we were just coming to grips with the Drug Epidemic as one know’s is still in effect. My co-workers and me just adapting to it finally slowing down and Covid-19 hits. Once again our country is being attacked? This time by a virus we knew was coming and lack preparation for it? I can remember back in December just before the holidays hearing about it and like other’s, didn’t pay attention to it? January, a New Year began and hoping for a better year to come. Praying for less deaths and more togetherness, I hoped for a better year to come after a more than a year of watching drug addiction take over our country and many people passing do to it? As a Death Companion I am use to seeing people pass, it is my job? But this time is different? People who are passing are all alone? No family members, no Death Companion by their side? The Nurse’s, Doctor’s CNA’s, Nurse Assistant’s filling these these rolls. To watch the staff and my coworkers agree to FaceTime and use other popular web based sites to call a loved one’s family for that last word? It is truly amazing to watch this take place. During the times we face today, making the choice to be separated from our families to serve the need of this Heath Crisis is understatement of what we face. The fact that we in he Healthcare have to fight for #PPE, Personal Protection Equipment is Real. It is not only happening in Massachusetts but all over the world. Therefore, tonight I will ask you all to support us in the healthcare field to bring it to light? #coronavirus #healthcare #jobsearch #application

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