Forced retirement happens. yup. Now, what to do about it?

What strategies do you suggest to overcome age-discrimination in the workplace?

We know how toxic and prevalent ageism is in the workplace. This study outlines some recent findings in this regard. But it's no news to anyone that discrimination happens, or that life can be unfair. And it's no pre-ordained outcome that when you run into age discrimination that it has to define your future success - just as knowing life isn't fair doesn't stop you from living an amazing, rewarding, happy meaningful life. Sure ageism can be a tough obstacle to overcome -but overcoming obstacles is something that everyone does as they navigate life and, in fact, overcoming unfair challenges can actually be quite rewarding.

So, whadaythink Jobcasers? If someone gets prematurely turned out, or denied a real look at a new opportunity - what strategies should they take to overcome that particular unfair obstacle??

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