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Ana Bella Luna Liera Rodas
3 months ago

Remote jobs?

I am living off grid now, dream come true! However I’m having a rough time financially as my business was killed due to CoVid. I pick up a delivery gig here and there, but those are hard to obtain due to where home base is. Are there any remote/digital jobs available, with online training, PLEASE let me know if there is anything like customer service, call center, or maybe a specialty job that has training available. TIA for any leads. #workfromhome #jobsearch #covid

Janice Reed

@Tricia Hendrix , also added a new remote job lead to our #workfromhome topic page, see Make $19/hr from HOME!. Take a look at the job details and let me know if this sounds like a good fit our if you're looking for something more specific to your work experience and career goals. Thanks

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Lawrence White

You're in Luck @Ana Bella Luna Liera Rodas ! The customer service industry is on a hiring spree right now. These are plenty of great "starter" remote job options that are offering extended training.

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