Is a former employer allowed to give you a bad reference? In a word, YES.

If you have been terminated, faced disciplinary action, or had other problems on past jobs, your former employers CAN reveal that to a company considering you. Contrary to common belief, there ISN'T a law prohibiting this. As long as the information is truthful and factual it can be revealed. While companies may have a policy to only confirm that you were employed, they are not limited to only providing that information.

How do you overcome this if you have problems in your work history? First of all, take an honest assessment of your performance and/or behavior that resulted in your former employer's action. Own what happened when interviewing -- and bring it up first. Explain briefly what occurred -- and how you have learned and grown from the experience. That way YOU control the way in which your prospective employer learns about what happened. Be upfront and be positive and confident .. and most of all, be honest.

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