Lois Martin
Marketing and Public Relations
Griffin (Atlanta), GA

Freelance business advisor and writer, currently working on certifications for digital marketing, CRM and marketing automation. Cheerleader and encourager of job seekers, helping with ideas and... show more

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I just finished commenting on one of Lois posts that contained some extremely valuable advice for anyone to probably land on the top of candidates for an open position and as I was reading her post...

is a fellow Jobcaser with Lois

Lois went out of her way to find and post an article that was related to my current job seeking issue. Thanks again!

is a fellow Jobcaser with Lois

She posted a legal remote customer service rep job, for other jobcase workers.

is a fellow Jobcaser with Lois

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University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!)
Bachelors, Advertising/Marketing