Lenin Pina
Community Specialist
8 months ago

McDonald’s is Hiring!

McDonald’s will host a three-day hiring event for all of the company’s Northwest Arkansas locations, (Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, and Bentonville).

From Thursday, February 20 thru Saturday, February 22, applications will be accepted and On-The-Spot Interviews will be granted from 9a - 6p each day.

Apply online today at https://careers.mcdonalds.com

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Anthony Kemske

It's funny because I was recently employed by a franchise corps in my home state( I have GM experience in this industry) and the GM AND OWNERS not once took the time to introduce themselves AND put me on grill... not only was I offended and insulted but it me fell very uncomfortable that they are going to ask me to volunteer for another store then watch me but say nothing. What a joke; besides quick service doesn't pay an ex- soldier like myself because so much BS to die someone who doesn't want to work nor show up for work besides they always want to sell you below market value for skills, capacity AND the need to do the job. Good luck lazy a55holes who don't do squat and blame other people. Love ya & good luck