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Mike Grauer Jr
over 6 months ago

Only get the worse of the worse.

Even after proving my skills. Having a first rate education. Guess what jobs I only get? Dead end manual labor jobs that pay minimum wage and no one else wants or desires. If I have to compete with anyone for any position. I always lose out. Even while saying I did a great job interviewing or had a great resume etc. Fed up with the job hunt and the never ending job hunt that gets me nowhere. On top of having no way of getting a car and not living on even a simple bus line. So fedup. Then people tell me to start a small business. With what? I have no money. Hard to start a business even a small one with out money.

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Delisa Hall

Social services. Com. At times, I don't comprehend some think they are competing against ANYONE! God has something and or someone just for YOU! As a 50 yr old female, ive never thought that I was competing against ANYONE! Its called: FAITH in God; reading your Bible at least once a week, consistently attending a Bible believing church that preaches Jesus Christ as our savior, and attending bible study! Pray! I'm praying for you all! The pic that is displayed shows a cook; so I suggest that you apply to juvenile hall/juvenile placements/ juvenile shelters, and group homes for kitchen help. Resume-library. Com might review your resume for free! Joblistify. Com, career too! Go on indeed. Com to apply for the above!