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Jill Johnson
3 months ago

Advice please--Am I too old?

I want to take a big leap of faith!!

I'm thinking about GOING BACK TO SCHOOL. I want to get a degree in business so that I can start my own salon someday. đź’µ

The problem is, I'm no spring chicken. Do you think it'll be worth it??

#advice #weighin #backtoschool #careeradvice

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Lisa Goodale

No. Watch / Google Tabitha. She’s the blonde who overhauls sinking salons.

You don’t need a business degree to open a salon: you need to be passionate about hair and style. Know your craft and hire people with degrees.

A hair salon, especially in today’s market with covid, will not pay off the school debt. You’ll get stressed out and end up in a field you’re not passionate about…like an entry level customer service credit card reporting job.

Go in the field you love. The money comes to those who do what the love.

So, open the salon by renting space in someone else’s salon; build your client base; ask to learn the business side of running a salon on your days off.

That’s the path of least resistance; optimal happiness; and fiscal responsibility.

Best of luck.

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Maria Logan

Never to old to do what you want better to have went for it than to have regrets.

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