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John Paul Cortes
almost 3 years ago

Hi everyone. I am a 3D Artist from the Philippines. I am currently looking for work as a 3D modeler/texture artist for games, 3D printing and/or visualization. I am willing to work abroad and will need sponsorship. If you want to see my work you can find my portfolio on artstation. https://www.artstation.com/jpcortes Any help or recommendation is greatly appreciated. Thank you and Merry Christmas

Heather L. Burnside
over 1 year ago

Some Things I Have Noticed in the Jobcase Postings

Good Morning, Jobcase Community!

I know this is stating the obvious, but I have notice some disturbing trends in the conversation postings, especially on postings from people who are asking for advice or assistance (Spiritual, legal, and business) on various issues. There are a great deal of members who are very encouraging and understanding of other people's plights and ongoing battles. However, there are those who take the asinine, vicious methods of "providing advice".

To clarify what I mean by "asinine, vicious methods", I am speaking of Jobcase members who criticize and mock other members for not finding employment after an extended amount of time or assuming they are dumb, incompetent and uneducated because of a few misspelled words and grammar errors. There have even been some who have gone as far as to post messages stating that some members have trouble finding work or were fired because "they got what they deserved" or "God was punishing them for being lazy and 'gaming' the system".

Moreover, for those members (Not saying all of them behave/interact this way) who are better off and have great things going on in their lives (so it seems on the surface)- They tend to bring down those who are still struggling or have given up due to long-term unemployment, ongoing personal battles, or having a string of horrible luck. They have also belittle some members' issues to the point of making them feel insignificant and self-conscious. I do not understand why this is going on, but it gives me the impression that these types of members have no heart for those suffering from misfortune.... And it truly perturbs me.

Unfortunately, we are living in truly troublesome times. Jobcase is a venue for those who are seeking professional advice on acing interviews, having the best resume in the universe (Well, we can all dream. Right?), and networking with other professionals to see what other opportunities await in the horizon. Everyone has to deal with enough BS in life and there may be topics that prefer not to discuss with loved ones or there are possibilities that there are experts on this website that can give effective advice on matters. I am not saying that everyone must be nice to each other, give everyone a multi-colored sucker and do hop-scotches over the rainbow. Nor am I saying that everyone is an entitled, arrogant a__hole that should jump in a ditch and stay there. All of us should be made aware that just because there are those who are struggling does not mean it will never happen to you or me. One minute, everything's super. But, the next minute can be hell on earth just like that.

To get to the matter, we should be a tad more respectful of our peers and be mindful of what is/will be posted to a person's query. Most of all.... We should adopt a mindset of building up those who are torn down. Anyone of us can be someone's cornerstone to keep the foundation stable and secure. Most of all, as an online community, we should make it a point to give more praise and jubilation to all successes, regardless if they are small or big.

Enough of the long-winded podium talk from me. May 2019 be the year of new geneses for those wanting a fresh start and improving all avenues in life. Have a good evening.

K Randolph
over 2 years ago

Terrible Bruised But Not Broken

Hello community Today I decided to share a little about myself a few things pertaining not giving up as I'm going forward I'm truly blessed. Terrible bruised but not broken Appreciation for my defects.A sane mind I still have left.In and out of prison,even close to death.Rapped stripped for my body I won't forget.Witnessing many murders I remain to see the image.Trying to save my grandmother I will always forever see that vision.Self Mutilation became my first mission.Than I started to use drug's at the first beginning.I also had many crossed addictions.Physically and mentally I fought for my sanity.Drug's,gun's,and volience was my crazy thinking humanity.Hung out an window by my feet not really caring if he dropped me.Hearing of suicide of my friends death.Knowing aids got my brother and death took his lover,a sane mind I still have left.Lost my father to an alcoholic death.I was about to even put my mother to rest.Ran with gangs that didn't careless.About time all of this I wasn't afraid of death.I use to think of it as being quite normal.I seen friends sell they body at a very young age,male or female they all had they get money ways.No family they had to go to so they became they own.They fought for eachother, yes many of them is now gone.Some was killed by dates,overdose off drugs,had sex aids became they love.They last piece of hope was they resting date.I know some of them didn't want to go out that way.They will also live through me as I push for better day's #peace #love#community #unity #motivation