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Kelson Copeland
Bullet point
over 6 months ago

before even my first shift I let them know my situation which was I didn’t really have a place to stay etc and if I could get a hotel because I was in Fort Wayne and my store was 38 minutes from my temporary location. So I got ignored on that email but made my own way. My first week I got a finger infection and had to go to the ER and get antibiotics for it but cool whatever. So the second week I was staying in a hotel across the street from my store and I had a payment arrangement with the front desk people previously and everything was smooth since my checks wouldve started coming in and I was supposed to stay there until June. Well the hotel owners came and completely kicked me out of my room with all my stuff and I expressed to the company that I can’t just show up to work with all of my belongings and got ignored at first. Then their bright solution was to put me on the travel team and cut my pay down from 18 to 12 and get myself from Indiana to idaho. Flights are very expensive so cheapest ticket I could find was in Illinois. I drove 3 hours there and paid 295 for my flight. My flight had gotten switched when I got to the airport (not my control) and I wouldn’t be able to make it to my shift on time that night because my plane landed in Boise around midnight. I emailed them I should still be compensated for my trip and they said nope! So I didn’t rush off the plane and go straight to work , I had to get an Uber from the airport and find a hotel for myself the first night. I spent money I did not have and they helped with nothing at all. I eventually got them to help with the hotel where the initial email said I can’t choose help that’ll exceed my weekly per diem . Well ms petty said it can’t exceed my daily per diem and then I called HR finally to ask some questions and complain and got told that because of my attendance issues that they can do whatever they want when it comes to exceeding daily or weekly per diem and that I’d have the help taken out of my future checks. So that was stressful and annoying. So my first week was very rocky out here in idaho with the Ubers to and from work and etc. the handbook said they can help with rentals but they said they don’t when I asked about it. So the first check I received out here was $51 dollars and I was expected to provide my own place to stay and transportation to and from work for a whole week which was a joke! So I did not go to work and told them that I need to speak with a higher higher up because that was crazy m. Two days later they tell me I’m fired and that I missed work cus I was”too tired from flying “ which wasn’t the case at all and on my final check they took everything! I’m not stranded in idaho a place I’ve never been before with no money at all . I have no help or no anyone here and I told them I’ll do something about it and they asked me to cease and desist talking to a at the company cus they know they’re dead wrong. I’m 22 and never been in my own like that before and I don’t know anything about IDAHO so there will be something done about it because it’s not right! Do no screw yourself over and work for them nobody should have to go through what I’ve been going through I’m struggling because of them I’ve spent about 3000 dollars with this job and barely have made 1000 I’m baffled and down bad! Any help or suggestions?! #jobsearch #merchandiser #travel #scam #help #TAB #stranded

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