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Robert Foley
over 6 months ago

Well last month I had to let my last consultant fend for himself. :( Lead generation has slowed over the last four months and both RFPs and Staffing position leads have become more "tight" as of late.

I have a few colleagues in the Security Consulting Industry that have recommended I consider a career change. I've looked into it and found several accredited international certification institutions that can provide accelerator 5 to 10 day training courses and certification for both CEH Certified Ethical Hacker and CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional Degrees.

While I have the time available, since I have a slow own in active contracts. My biggest concern is finding funding for the career advancement. My initial research quotes both programs with a minimal cost of over $13,000 and if I have to take supplemental training prior to the main program it could be as high a $24,000?!?

If the contacts my colleagues have stated they'd refer to me are true I might be able to repay that cost in less than 8 months of work. Alternatively Security Engineer and CEH employment start at $103,000 and above.. Provided I score high and provide quality services.

If it were last year when I had a surplus of savings and my companies where doing much better that might be something I could get a loan for and may off over time.

Now, with Covid and a serious reduction to single digit contracts, SBA loans, and mounting debt. That seem less likely.

Ok enough story time.

I wanted to ask if anyone is aware of State (based in Oregon) or Federal programs I could petition for grant or business/personal loans for reeducation and or career advancement for folks over 40 years old?

I'm going to research myself, but thought more informed folks may know where to point me in the right direction.

Any ideas?

#careerdiscovery #grants #reeducation #loans #coronavirus