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over 6 months ago

A "Scam" is being left with 70k+ in student loans when "higher learning" was supposed to be the path to success.

The "Scam" is no matter how high your education goes, there are NO classes or courses on Residual/Passive Income. Why?

A "scam" is paying $200 for shoes that cost $4 to make...

A "scam" is a CEO that averages 29K an hour, but pays his employees less than $20 a hour...

A "Scam" is placing your future in the hands of someone who decides your worth.

A "scam" is trading hours for money when time is all we have...

The "Scam" is keeping education all about being an employee never an employer.

A "real scam" is the naysayers (bless their hearts) who always judge without knowing because ignorance is bliss...

A "Scam" is NOT the Network Marketing industry that has created the most millionaires and is the #1 fastest way to wealth.

The "Scam" is we use our time to market and promote products, places, attire and accessories every single day and never get paid or recognized for it. You know it!

A "Scam" is wondering how your gonna house and feed your family today or pay that cut off bill tomorrow

A "Scam" is being P.O.O.R (passing over opportunities repeatedly"...

But for real.....a SCAM is really just you "Still Being Confused About Money"

I'm not working with everyone ONLY the right ones! Let's Connect!

#ChangeYourMindChangeYourLife #1099 #EmployYourself #PayAttention #ThereIsAShift #GetInPosition

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