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Kimberly Keyes
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over 6 months ago

Here’s my #ink #drawing of #OswaldTheLuckyRabbit that I did. Oswald was a cartoon character that Walt Disney created and he worked on that series until he had a falling out with the distributor, who subsequently got rid of him while retaining legal control of Oswald. Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse during the fallout from that incident and Mickey ended up becoming more popular than Oswald. I did this drawing while following along with one of the videos in the YouTube series that is put online by #Disney animator Michael Woodside as part of his #DrawingWithWoodsy series. I also felt that a #rabbit would be appropriate since tomorrow is Easter Sunday. I’ll provide a link to the video that I used in the first comment. #Oswald #TheDrawingsOfEaster #DrawingsOfEaster #fanart

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