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Cynthia Okonkwo
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over 6 months ago

During the pandemic it has become more and more clear that online business is here to stay. And as horrible as it has been, those poised to take advantage of unique opportunities have benefited greatly. You can, too.

That's why this might be the most valuable free training opportunity you’ve ever seen…

But first let me warn you… there’s a great big catch. It’s something you have to watch out for.

So it’s a live “Launch Masterclass” with 10+ hours of training - for free.

It’s all about serving others through your passion, hobby, or other interest and creating financial security for your family at the same time. It's about launching your course or product or service (or even your full business if you’re just getting started), and it’s by Jeff Walker (the guy who invented online product launches).

There will be three different sessions, each building on the prior lesson.

The three sessions (or lessons) will make up a complete course (that’s why it’s a masterclass). There’s going to be a bunch of other cool content available too.

And it’s all completely free.

You can get registered for the masterclass at this link:


Here’s the catch: the entire training is going to be delivered LIVE… so this is a time limited offer. There will be recordings available, but only for a limited time. So you need to go sign up and get registered now:


Cynthia O.

P.S. The “Launch Masterclass” is only going to be available for a few days. Get it here:

https://productlaunchformula.com/go?p=a4821&w=how_to_launch #OnlineBusiness #FreeMasterclass #Jeff Walker

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