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Lisa Carangio
over 6 months ago

I have been getting unemployment since March I had no problem of 1st 2 weeks the 3rd week I got no check and then I got a letter saying that I started working but I hadn't started working the employer filed the paperwork with the wrong dates because according to the paper work the employer filed, I started working after I got my pay check that makes no sense had to fight with him on that it took them almost 3 weeks to get that straight got that straight and had no problem until I went back to work for 20 hours a week at a different place because I wasn't going back there because they weren't open yet I filed to pay checks one for $89 the other was for $69 since those 2 claims went in I haven't gotten a check it has been going on 3 months now I'm a single mom with no other income my electric is being shut off I have no food in my house I am supporting a 13 year old and a 16 year old I nothing on absolutely nothing I have called the state of Delaware every week I have filed every week and every week I am on the phone at least a minimum of 4 to 5 hours on hold and screaming at people because there is no more being nice I haven't paid rent I've been getting letters from the landlord saying I'm getting affected which we know they can't do however I am going to be so far behind 8 ball when is money comes because I had to borrow money I had to turn down jobs because I need to get my truck inspected and can't do it because I have no money and it needs fixed before I can take it to get inspected or tag as so I need to say it's a catch-22 and finally I screamed this last 2 weeks and was told that they need to verify where my unemployment was supposed to be coming from which employer well in the last 2 years there's only been 2 employers 1 that was part time and 1 that was full time with the exception of the 1 that lasted 2 weeks and apparently somebody deleted all my information and so it just sat in a pile however I forwarded all the information that they gave me and all the information that I filed with them originally that has not changed that will not change that cannot change because I work those hours they now O me over $4000 plus interest because if the shoe was on the other foot I would be charged 1 and a 1/2 percent interest A-day on every dollar that I was overpaid so I want 1 and a 1/2 percent interest every day for every dollar that they have not paid me if I do not have my money in my account this week not only am I contacting an attorney and the newspapers and the TV stations but I am also contacting an attorney contacting every congressperson there is in my state and then I'm going to contact the lieutenant governor and the governor because either they're going to support me in my children or I'm just gonna show up on their doorstep To get my point across because at this point they have made this pandemic this badd situation in to a catastrophe for my family how do you explain to a 16 year old and a 13 year old that their mother cannot take care of them because she has done nothing wrong but the state just won't give her the money that she's worked so hard for in the last few years I'm not saying this to get sympathy I'm saying this so people understand they are not the only ones out there that are suffering and if there's somebody that can give me some guidance and some help I will gladly take it I am not too friggin proud because you know what I bust my a** every day I'm a good mother I'm a widow of 15 years and I fight everyday for my kids and it's not been easy since the day my husband was killed and I'm still standing here as defeated as I am I'm still standing #stillstanding #dontgiveup #lovingmother #unemploymentepicfailure