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Bianca Corey
Bullet point
over 6 months ago

I have four more days until I begin my new role, and I am starting to feel like that time will fly by and I won't have used it to my advantage. One thing I know about myself is that I need to feel productive and always keep myself moving and doing things that will be good for me and my friends and family.

One way I continue to accomplish my goals; whether or not they be small or large; is to make lists.

I set up realistic lists of tasks, and break it out by the days of the week - I find handwriting always helps. Then I go about my day crossing off tasks. It feels good to close out even just one task.

To summarize!

  1. ALWAYS handwrite what you need to get done
  2. Break your tasks into smaller, more achievable daily lists
  3. Cross out tasks as you go
  4. Include fun tasks for yourself, as well as helpful tasks for others
  5. Have fun!

Hope this helps someone. Let me know how you keep busy during down time.

#motivation #lists #goals #goalsetting #unemployment