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Lois Martin
over 6 months ago

Dress for interview success: need professional attire? strapped for cash?

There are organizations that can help: CareerGear for men (careergear.org) and Dress For Success for women (dressforsuccess.org). In addition to good-quality donated business apparel, local chapters offer job training, resume preparation, interview coaching and other job search related services.

Lenin Pina
Community Specialist
over 6 months ago

Ready for something different?

Time to make a CHANGE for the better! Wouldn't you like to move towards a job that’s closer to your heart? Making a career change can pose some challenges, but it also offers many rewards.

Check out some of the FREE online assessments, skills development workshops, and career counseling services that are available right in your own community.

Visit the Minnesota Career resource website (click below) and discover the new employment possibilities right at your doorstep. https://www.careerforcemn.com

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