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Nancy Palenzuela-Neely
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over 6 months ago

I've started a new job, working on site at a warehouse, Premier Produce located in Davie FL, and as a Customer service clerk. I was so happy, my training was going well, meeting new people, learning how to cope with wearing a mask, being safe and being proud of myself for going out to get a job, from my safe zone, home. Unfortunately, my new job didn't last longer then 4 weeks, I've received a phone call from HR after a my 1st couple of days, Sunday and Monday being off. Tuesday morning I received the call, informing me, that they'll no longer need my services and haven't given me no reason why, and I've pled with the HR manager to please inform me of what I've done wrong. HR had no reasons and that's the end of my New 4 weeks job. #ImSoConfused #Joblessagain #warehouseassociate #advice #jobsearch